Employers Advantage

Indiajobs4u is an exclusive platform for recruiters and jobseekers wherein both can meet their potential target and succeed in their career. The platform is equally profitable for recruiters as it is profitable for jobseekers owing to a number of benefits it has to offer.
The various advantages recruiters can seek while registering themselves as a recruiter in Indiajobs4u are mentioned further. Have a look at them and decide to join our team and flourish together.

Option for free job posts

When you join our team at Indiajobs4u, you will be given up to 5 free jobs that you can post. You will be able to check how the job posting and recruitment process works,and the initial ambiguity about the effectiveness of our job portal will be cleared.
After you are done with about 5 job postings, recruiters can clearly make their mindabout investing for the premium membership and continue enjoying the various advantages that we offer.

Variable cost packages

The recruiters are provided with a variety of cost packages,including small cost packages. We have introduced small packages to aid recruiters in their venture. They can invest less and meet the right candidate for their firm right here.

Easy social media promotion

We understand that meeting the right candidate can’t be confined to a single platform. And hence, Indiajobs4u lets you promote the jobs you post to various renowned social media platforms. The easy and quick promotion to social media allows recruiters to gain more visibility for their job posting.

Mailing job description to jobseekers

In pursuit of seeking the right candidate for your firm, recruiters often tend to analyze candidate’s profiles and mail the job description directly to potential candidates. Landing a job description matching the jobseeker’s criteria helps them apply quickly, and the recruitment process is speeded.

CV downloads without preset limit

At Indiajobs4u, we let recruiters download CD of job candidates without any limit. They can download an unlimited number of resumes and select the best suitable candidate for the job profile.
Pertaining to these advantages, the recruiters can have a better experience with the job posting and recruitment process. And we aim to elevate this experience further so that we can grow and prosper together.